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About Us

Our Mission

CamelLED is committed to producing, designing and installing the most innovative, sustainable and effective lighting solutions with world class products and service.

Our Vision

We aim to become a highly respected and trusted LED lighting solutions provider globally, known for its high quality and advance innovation.

Our Values

At CamelLED, we are strongly guided by the values rooted from our German heritage in which we intend to apply in everything that we do.

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LED to Own

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You already know that LED lights are great for cutting energy consumption and maintenance, increasing longevity and delivering fantastic illumination and effects. So what is it that prevents people from embracing this amazing planet-friendly, cost-saving technology?

The answer is simple. Most people think that LED will cost them lots of money.

But they’d be wrong… So wrong, you can’t imagine.

So let me help. What if I tell you that changing your lighting setup to LED saves you up to 90% in annual energy and service costs? Sounds interesting?

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Price Match Promise

CamelLED guarantees the best LED lighting prices in UAE!
You've found a cheaper offer? Just send us the competitor's quotation.
If the items are similar in specification and quality, we'll match the price, guaranteed!

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With hundreds of competitors in the market nowadays it’s vital that you choose the right partner for your LED lighting needs. At CamelLED we offer you a wealth of benefits:

CamelLED Approach

As a customer you should have the right to choose the best products available on the market, which is what exactly CamelLED intends to deliver. In order to uphold our German heritage, we only work exclusively with LED lighting products meticulously sourced from the best suppliers to ensure excellence and reliability.

CamelLED offers very economical pricing to meet your needs with the best quality possible. We don’t deal with middle men and we don’t have retail outlets in the market. In this way, we can guarantee that we will be the direct link between the manufacturers and our customers.

We take pride in our exceptional customer service knowing that aside from our high quality products, it’s what separates us among our competitors. Approachable, helpful and always professional, we will go the extra mile to ensure that CamelLED customers are happy and satisfied.

Quality Control


When it comes to selecting a complex product such as LED lights, it is crucial to know who you are working with.

Our QC Process

Controlling the quality outcome in such specialized process makes it inevitable to always be on the mark – that´s our guarantee.

Zero Tolerance for Defects

From the smallest electrical components to the structure of the fixture and packaging details, we only source materials that comply with strict German quality standards. Therefore, we only allow the best materials to go into production for excellent results.


CamelLED is the World’s First LED company accepting Cryptocurrency!

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"We have been trying to find the right LED supplier for years and we are just glad we found out about CamelLED. They helped us choose the suitable decorative LED lights for one of our residential projects and they did not disappoint. The lights were amazing as promised!"

Engr. Jaree Ali
Managing Partner, CVTEC Consulting Engineers

"With the crisis going on, as a buyer, I would prefer a product which is economical yet will still provide high quality. I was looking for LED down lights for my villa online and I came across their website. Luckily, CamelLED had exactly what I was looking for. They also have really professional and helpful customer service which made everything easier for me since I don’t know anything about lights. Thank you CamelLED, I am one happy customer indeed!"

Mr. Khalid Abdullah
Private Sector, Homeowner

"CamelLED always come through for us in any of our requirements and exceeded our expectations all time. We just recently purchased LED industrial lights for a factory and the results were astonishing! Their team went above and beyond to meet our needs. I would definitely contact them for future business opportunities!"

Engr. Prabu Rajappa
Lake Stone Contracting

"Our client was impressed by the remarkable lights installed in his office. It blended perfectly with the elegant vibe that we were trying to create for the entire space. We would like to thank their entire team for the quick assistance and dedication that they have given to this project. CamelLED will now be our first choice for LED lighting products!"

Mr. Khalid Almutawa
CEO, ASAS Holdings LLC

"Didn’t regret signing with CamelLED for a residential building project. Our building was by far the brightest amongst the surrounding buildings! It was so noticeable that a lot have been asking where we got our lights. I am grateful for their efforts, commitment and professionalism. The best lighting company on the market right now! "

Mr. Arindam Bose
Dubai Bar Facilities Management Manager


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